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What is Pranayu? Prana is an East Indian word for life force or good chi energy, and yu for, of course, YOU. Hence our name Pranayu, or "good energy for you."
What is Pranayu? Your one best source for top-notch imported clothing and gifts. No junk. A recent first-time customer, upon entering our store, looked around and said, "Where's the junk? I see 'import store' and I expect junk." Well, there just wasn't any junk. If we're not proud of an item, it never makes it into our store.
What is Pranayu? It is our dream to offer affordable, fine-quality, hard-to-find items from around the globe, to world citizens who know that we are all one. Sit back, click in, and explore our world. Om shanti - peace.




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