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Tienda Ho - The Perfect Tank Top

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Tienda Ho - The Perfect Tank Top

This IS the perfect tank top for wearing alone or layering. Wear it loose, tucked in, or untucked and belted. Wear it with jeans, pants, skirts, capris or floods. You just can't look bad in The Perfect Tank. The neckline has a V in the front, echoed by the V'd hemline in front and back. Works wonderful camouflage for a tummy.

Bust measurement is 48"and length is 32" from top of the shoulder to the longest point of the hem, to fit sizes Medium through 2X - your size will determine the amount of, yes, Perfect Drape. Tienda Ho The Perfect Tank is made in Morocco of susti, a blend of 60% cotton and 40% rayon to move and sway a second after you do - that's what separates a perfect flowing drape from a department-store garment that just hangs around.

Now, you may think this is a lot for a tank, even The Perfect Tank. This fabric wears and looks like new for years, goes with everything in your closet, and if it does wear out, it won't be for a long time - my first one is 4 years old and after being worn at least twice a week through 3 seasons and with a jacket in winter, it still looks like new. Add up what you usually spend replacing your tank tops each season, factor in the sensational style. Worth every cent.

Comes in 30 colors: click here to see color swatch. But you KNOW you'll buy your basic neutral first, just like I did. When you experience the versatility of The Perfect Tank you'll realize you need more than one. When you do, we'll be here for you.

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Tienda Ho - The Perfect Tank Top is also available with long sleeves for colder months. Same great cut and style, same fabric, same fabulous color choices: click here to see color swatch. Don't suffer needless heartbreak when packing your summer tanks away for winter - extend your TH wardrobe and just add sleeves!

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