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Tienda Ho - The Not-Too-Sexy Top


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Tienda Ho - The Not-Too-Sexy Top

Are you an exotic, sexy woman at heart, who does not want to bare too much? Tienda Ho's Not-Too-Sexy Top is for you!

Bust measurement is variable; due to dolman construction, this top can accommodate up to a 58" bust. Length is 28" from back of the neck to the straight hem, to fall at the most flattering spot on your hip. Diamond Lil once said that a lady never shows her underwear - unintentionally: Shoulder straps are wide enough not to show your ... um, unmentionables. Front pockets stash your stuff, or cradle your hands when posing your Not-So-Casual Slouch.

Pair Tienda Ho's Not-Too-Sexy Top with the Not-Quite Harem Pants as shown, or wear with your other Tienda Ho pants and skirts. It gives new style to your favorite old jeans. Buy it and a bottom in Black to wear anywhere. Or buy it in White for a one-of-a-kind wedding outfit you will be able to wear again.

Tienda Ho's Not-Too-Sexy Top is made in Morocco of susti, a blend of 60% cotton and 40% rayon to move and sway a second after you do - that's what separates a perfect flowing drape from a department-store garment that just hangs around. This fabric wears and looks like new for years, goes with everything in your closet, and if it does wear out, it won't be for a long time - my first piece is 5 years old and after being worn at least twice a week through 3 seasons and with a jacket in winter, it still looks like new. Wear it day in and day out for years - it will never go out of style. Now consider that you're not replacing it each year - do the math.

Comes in 30 colors: click here to see color swatch. Woman cannot live in Black and White alone.

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