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Venus of Willendorf Key Ring

Venus or Goddess of Willendorf is one of the most famous early images of a woman, made more than 25,000 years ago at a time when, scholars say, women were revered for their ability to give life. She was found in 1908 by archaeologist Josef Szombathy near the town of Willendorf in Austria, and is the oldest religious image in the Western World. The Venus of Willendorf is a Mother-Goddess. She symbolizes the nurturing and support that womanhood creates. Her exaggerated breasts and hips represent her abundant Life Energy. To many, she is the symbol of life itself, and the creative side of womanhood.

Our keyring figure is 2 3/8 " (58 mm) tall, cast of durable polyresin. She is cast to be a meticulous representation of the original. These have sold for much more elsewhere- get her here for less!

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