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Sea-Stones - Natural Stone Wall Hook for Towel, Coat, and Spa

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Sea Stones are made by Mother Nature and gently rounded through years of rolling in the ocean. They are carefully selected from rivers and beaches all over New England and are used in many practical and decorative ways:

In entries as hooks and racks for hanging coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, etc.

Near showers and bathtubs as robe and shower hooks,

In bathrooms and kitchens as holders for hand and dish towels,

For window treatments such as swags, tiebacks and curtain rod holders,

As door handles and drawer pulls around the home,

As tasteful and versatile gifts that provide a natural accent to any decor.

Sea Stones are mounted easily, solidly and invisibly. Safer than conventional racks or hooks, with no points or sharp edges - they are people-friendly and do not distort hung items. Real stones are securely mounted with copper posts on beautiful solid hardwood blocks.

The makers of Sea Stones say, "We have deep respect for nature and our planet. For every stone we collect, a new quarry stone is 'planted' for the water to tumble into smoothness."

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Each stone is a unique, natural stone, and as such, we cannot guarantee exact match of stone color, size, and shape. If a closely matched pair is important to you, please indicate such on your invoice and we will do our best.

Pranayu sells the single stone style. We believe in simplicity and versatility - order several singles for multiple hooks. However, double-, triple-, and quad-mount styles are available as special orders. Please email for price.




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