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Chinese Blooming Flower Artistic Tea Ball

You won't find these everywhere. Artistic flowering tea balls are handmade in China, using green tea and real jasmine, chrysanthemum, and other flower varieties - globe amaranth, lily, acanthus, carnation, or marigold.

This is a highly specialized, ancient art - flowers are sewn together, combined with green tea leaves, rolled and dried. The finished product is a tight roll of dried tea and flowers, sometimes round, sometimes mushroom-shaped.

Now for the magic: Drop your artistic blooming tea ball in a glass cup or small glass teapot - you will want to watch this! Cover the ball with boiling water. Don't worry about whether the ball or mushroom shape is upside down; the ball will magically right itself in the water. As the ball steeps, the leaves soften, in a few minutes maturing to a blooming flower. Steep the ball for at least five minutes, up to ten minutes if you prefer your tea stronger. After you have sipped your tea, you may rebrew the ball again - once if you have used a teapot, up to five times if you have brewed it in an individual cup.

The tea is very aromatic, a nice sip, with the flavor redolent of the flowers.

When you have finished your teas, you may cover your bloom with cold water and display it for up to one week. Shelf life of the unbrewed ball is 3 years. Artistic flowering tea balls make beautiful gifts, or will make an unforgettable presentation at your next party.

Traditional Chinese medicine attributes properties to green tea and flowering herbs.

Each blooming tea ball is made by hand of natural materials, so some variation is inevitable.

Shipping is flat $ 5.15, whether you buy 1 Artistic Flowering Tea Ball or 10.

For quantities over 10, you may contact us for a shipping quote.

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